Thousands of costumes

Thousands of costumes for all conceivable parties and parties are in the party collection of Maison Van den Hoogen. Spread over the six floors of our two houses, you can find everything from glitter colberts to pirate suits, from medieval and Tyrolean costumes to dresses and suits for a 20/50/60/70 party. You can not think so much about it or it depends on our huge stock.

Rows full

Are you going to a Halloween party? Do you want to dress up like a strawberry or a  banana? Do you need a bunny suit? Whether you want to dress up in uniform, or a comic characters, superhero or as fairy tale figure?

There are shelves full of animal and fruit costumes, with countless accessories, hats and caps. And even swords, flat shoes or gold glitter shoes. All of this in various sizes.

Saint and Santa

Of course, the St. Nicholas and pietenpakken are not missing.

Together with the packages for Christmas men and women, they hang in a separate space. Maison Van den Hoogen can dress forty Sinterklaas and two hundred pieten. And also for the Santa Claus the packs are already ready.