Why Maison van den Hoogen?

  • Always in stock, hundreds tuxedos in various models
  • Sizes 44 to 66, also length and belly sizes.
  • Free of charge on site tailored (pants waist or length pants).
  • Different sizes of colberts and pants, does not pose any problem to us.
  • Good advice.
  • Suspenders, cummerbund and beautiful patent leather shoes ( size 40 to 48)

Black tie

A tuxedo is evening wear, which is also called black tie or cravate noire.

We have an almost inexhaustible amount of smokings in stock. All sizes are available and we can also tailors them if desired. We rent and sell smokings.

All rental prices includes the tailoring of the tuxedo and afterwards cleaning it. See also the terms & conditions

Black tuxedos


Two piece tuxedo, with shawl collars


Two piece tuxedo: Italian style, slimfit with peak lapels


Velvet tuxedo jacket with trousers

Modern tuxedos in various colors / shades


Two piece tuxedo, Italian style, slim fit with peak lapels


Off white tuxedo jacket with black trousers


Blue velvet tuxedo jacket; Italian style, slim fit with black trousers


Red velvet tuxedo jacket: Italian style, slim fit with black trousers

Ladies Tuxedo


Two piece with peak lapels, you can choose for a skirt or trousers


Two piece with peak lapels

Smoking accessories


Black Van Bommel patent leather shoes (price in combination with a suit)


Tuxedo shirt with black bowtie and cufflinks (price is in combination with tuxedo)


Black waistcoat with black bowtie